These unique return address labels each feature the Liver Cancer Awareness Ribbon in some way or another and are meant to do a few important things:


  1. Raise awareness about this horrible disease in hopes of increasing donations to charities like the American Cancer Society and other research facilities that work tirelessly to try to find a cure!
  2. Provide support to our loved ones that are fighting this disease or to commemorate a loved one lost!
  3. Show your pride as a survivor and giving hope to countless others who are going through the exact same thing!


PLEASE NOTE: ALL PROFITS will be donated to help further cancer research! You can choose from three that I support but if you have a different one you prefer, I can add it to your order - but only on large orders since these charities won't work with my company for a $5 donation. I will also make sure you are named in the final donation and that you receive a receipt for every label sheet for this promo that you buy so that you have total proof your money was donated as promised and that I am making NO profits at all here. This is just my company's way of giving back to the community.


You will also receive a free sheet of ANY sort you want from my shop for every cancer awareness/support sheet you buy, so once you complete the order for the cancer sheets, I will send you a credit for the number of sheets and you can immediately pick the ones you want for free as well. I am happy to lose profits if it means a chance at saving a life but I cannot do it alone so I hope you all join in!


Each sheet comes with 30 labels. The pricing listed is per sheet of 30 labels.

Contact us for discount pricing on bulk purchases of 10 sheets or more!


The font style used in this design was selected specifically for these labels based on their overall aesthetic appeal. However, we can use any font you prefer! Our huge inventory of font styles gives you the freedom to truly customize the overall design.


If you want the Liver Cancer Awareness Ribbon on your labels but prefer different images, just let us know! We can use specific images provided by you and our talented team of graphic designers can create most graphics based on the specifications and ideas you describe to us.

Liver Cancer Support & Awareness Labels

  • Instructions

    • In the corresponding section, which you will notice during checkout, please be sure to provide the name/s & addresses you would like us to print on your labels. Any special instructions can also be listed in the same section.
    • A proof will be emailed to you for approval within 1-2 business days.
    • Labels will not be printed and shipped until we receive an approval on the proofs sent to you, but once approved, labels will ship within 24 hours.
  • Reviewing Your Proof

    After every order you place, you will be emailed a corresponding proof. You will receive a proof for every design including orders in which the design is the same but the names and addresses differ from sheet to sheet.


    This means that if you order the same design but with different information printed on each sheet, you will receive and need to approve a proof for each unique sheet.


    PLEASE review this proof very closely. Check for any typos or other mistakes in the text, since we are all just humans and may make an occasional mistake. Also, confirm that you like the overall look and design of the labels since what you see in the proof is what will be printed on your labels.


    Once you respond with an approval on the proof, your labels will be printed and sent out to you. 


    We cannot accept returns on labels due to errors that appeared on a proof you approved. Replacement labels may be sent out in those rare cases where the error did not appear on the proof or was pointed out by you but not corrected by us.


    This is why we stress the importance - PLEASE CHECK YOUR PROOF VERY CAREFULLY to avoid labels with errors from being sent out!